Hospice Fostering

When cats or dogs come into our care and are not adoptable due to a terminal illness, we rely on foster volunteers to give them love, comfort and quality care in the last few months of their lives. It’s important to us that these homeless animals are afforded the same love and dignity that beloved family pets receive at the end of their lives, and our hospice volunteers make that possible.

Emotionally, hospice care is the most difficult volunteer job we offer. After all, there will be no happy adoption at the end of the road. Yet caretakers point out that the rewards of being able to care for an animal most in need of help is a wonderful gift to both the animal and themselves, and that the experience of giving a dog or cat the love they deserve at the end of their life is priceless.

Are you interested in becoming a hospice foster volunteer?
You should:

  • Be comfortable administering medication or fluids (or willing to learn)
  • Be available to work closely with AFRP and veterinary staff
  • Have a quiet, safe space in your home for your foster animal
  • Be able to say goodbye to your foster animal when the time comes

Interested in hospice fostering?

For more information about hospice fostering or other volunteer opportunities with AFRP, please email us at info@animalfriendsrescue.org