Fostering a Cat

Foster volunteers are the heart of our organization, and are true heroes to animals in need. AFRP’s foster volunteers save lives every time they open their homes to a cat or kitten in need of a second chance. Cat foster homes are especially needed in spring and summer months, when our local shelters are overwhelmed with homeless cats and kittens; but we also need foster homes for adult cats, medical cats, senior cats and hospice cats year round. Our local animal shelters reach out to AFRP to take these cats when they become at risk of being put down. The simple truth is the more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save.

We ask that you take care of the basic care and feeding of your foster cats, as well as allowing enough time to make sure the cats are well socialized and loved. We ask that you set aside a special room or space so that your foster cats can be separated from your other pets. It is helpful if you are able to transport your foster cats to the vet when it is time for them to be altered, and to keep in touch with the AFRP staff about your foster cat’s progress.

Interested in fostering a cat?

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