Feral/Community Cat Information

The Problem

Nearly three quarters of the cats that enter our nation’s animal shelters are killed. Most are free-roaming community feral cats. These are cats that have been abandoned, lost or forced to fend for themselves, with each generation becoming more fearful of humans. Though most community cats will never know the gentle touch of a human or experience the comfort of curling up on a warm lap, anyone who has observed a colony of feral cats or backyard strays will agree that they are equally deserving of our compassion - and our help  - as the domestic cats that share our lives. 

The Solution

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) is a comprehensive plan where entire feral colonies are humanely trapped, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. Kittens and cats that are tame enough are put up for adoption are placed in foster care and are eventually put up for adoption. Adult cats are returned to their familiar habitat to live out their lives. TNR works. Cat populations are gradually reduced. Nuisance behaviors associated with breeding are virtually eliminated. Disease and malnutrition are greatly reduced. The cats live healthy, safe, and peaceful lives in their territories. AFRP believes TNR is the preferred method of feral community cat population control as opposed to trap and kill. TNR saves lives and prevents cats from entering the overburdened shelter system. 

What Animal Friends Rescue Project is doing to help

  • Our dedicated volunteers trap, neuter and return hundreds of feral cats every year in Monterey County. Multiply that by two litters per year, with an average of four kittens per litter, and the result is a staggering number of births prevented.
  • AFRP offers low cost spay/neuter vouchers for feral cats.
  • Humane traps are available for rental from our Adoption Center at $2 per day
  • Our feral/community cat specialist offers advice, education and referrals for Monterey County residents. 

Other Local Resources:

Best Life TNR & Rescue, Inc: www.bestliferescue.org

Community Cat Allies: www.communitycatallies.org

SPCA for Monterey County: www.spcamc.org

Spay California Now Feral Vouchers: www.spaycalifornianow.org/snip-tip-vouchers

Project Purr in Santa Cruz: www.projectpurr.org

Online Resources:

Alley Cat Allies: alleycat.org

Best Friends Animal Society: www.bestfriends.org/resources/feral-cats-and-tnr

Jackson Galaxy Project www.thejacksongalaxyproject.org/Resources/TNR-Resources

YouTube.com offers a wealth of videos about trapping feral cats. Our favorite is Jackson Galaxy’s “How to Trap Feral Cats-TNR