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Who needs four legs? At three months old, Joey is just like any other puppy – she romps with her puppy friends, wrestles with her stuffed toys and showers you with sweet puppy kisses when she’s cuddled on your lap . . . but unlike most other puppies, Joey does all this with just two legs. Joey was born with two normal hind legs, and two severely deformed front legs. Though she will never be able to walk like a normal dog, Joey is eager to prove that being a little different doesn’t have to hold you back.

Joey and her siblings were raised in foster care after being born in an agricultural field in rural Salinas. Her frisky brothers and sisters were born with normal limbs, but from the start it was clear that Joey was not going to let her lack of front legs slow her down. Her caregiver encouraged her to play, move around and do everything her brothers and sisters did. As she continues to grow and gain strength, Joey’s mobility will evolve and improve. She already does an amazing job balancing and hopping on her strong hind legs!


Since Joey scoots on her chest and balances on her hind legs to move around, it is helpful to have carpeting or throw rugs available to help her get a better foothold. She is also a fantastic candidate for a custom set of wheels to help her move around and go for walks outside when she’s a bit older! This adorable Chihuahua mix puppy will win your heart with her sweet spirit, determination and amazing personality. She is proof that being born “differently-abled” doesn’t have to slow you down. If any puppy is ready to tackle life on two legs, it’s Joey!

For more information about meeting or adopting this special puppy, please call AFRP at 831-333-0722 or fill out an online adoption application.

Every Life Counts

AFRP has a lifetime commitment to every animal that comes into our care. We do not put animals down because they have been with us too long or have special medical needs. Clara Bell is anxious to find a permanent home because although she's off the streets and safe-- she'll quickly tell you that being an orphan is not fun. She wants to find a special family to call her own.

AFRP depends on volunteers and donations from the general public to rescue approximately 1,900 dogs and cats each year. Won't you help us save more animals like Joey?


If there is anything else you would like to know about Animal Friends Rescue Project, please email us at or call us at (831) 333-0722. Also, let us know if you are interested in joining our mailing list.

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