Friends for Life Pet Guardianship Program

This program allow you to designate Animal Friends Rescue Project as the temporary guardian for any pets that may outlive you. This program is available to dogs and cats, whether or not they were adopted from our organization. 

Your pets will be treated as dear friends while we search for the perfect new family, and will stay in a volunteer foster home. They will have access to whatever medical care they need to ensure their good health, and will get lots of love as they transition to a new life. 

How to enroll

The first step is to make a provision for a gift to AFRP in your estate plan. The suggested amount is $5,000 per animal. Then, let us know using our planned giving form so that we can add you as a member of the Circle of Caring Society. 

  • You’ll need to fill out the Friends for Life Pet Guardianship form to officially enroll your pets in the program
  • Provide us with a photo and information about each pet you’re enrolling for identification. 
  • Give us any detailed care instructions that you would like a future guardian to know about your pet. 

Interested in the Animal Friends for Life Pet Guardianship program? Contact AFRP at or call 831-333-0722