Hi, I'm Zoe. I was adopted on February 26!

Husky Mix

Black and White

Baby, Female

Puppy love! Zoe is a friendly and energetic 2-month-old Husky mix puppy that was raised in foster care after coming to AFRP from the Hitchcock Road Animal Services with her mother and siblings. Her mother weighs about 35 pounds, and we expect the puppies to be about the same size as adults. Happy, playful, friendly and smart, Zoe loves attention and enjoys a good snuggle on your lap when she’s not romping with her siblings. Puppies love to play, sleep and chew, and Zoe is looking for an adopter with the time and commitment necessary to raise and train a puppy with love and positive reinforcement.

This is a very smart and active breed that is not for first-time dog guardians. Huskies are energetic dogs that can be vocal, and homes with secure yards will be given preference over apartments or condos. Zoe will need plenty of daily exercise with active adopters that are runners, hikers or serious walkers. Adult adopter or families with children over age 7 preferred. In your application, please include your plan for professional training and proper socialization. Once an application is approved, a meet and greet will be arranged.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, preference is given to residents of Monterey County and Santa Cruz County.

Zoe has already been adopted!