Hi, I'm Tippi. Adopt Me!


Brown Tabby

Baby, Female

Tippi is a darling 2-month-old brown tabby kitten with cute white toes. She is doing well in foster care after a rough start in life. A concerned citizen witnessed Tippi being grazed by a car, and then rolling down the street in a furry little ball before picking her up and taking her to the Hitchcock Road Animal Services. Happily, Tippi did not have any major injuries, just bumps and bruises. She’s a friendly and playful kitten that loves to play with wand toys and crinkly balls. She is still a bit wary of a lot of handling, and her adopter will need to continue to work with her to make her more comfortable with cuddle time. Due to her initial shyness, Tippi will do best with a cat-savvy adult adopter with no small kids in the household. Patience will be the key to helping Tippi blossom.  She has not had experience with dogs. Tippi is currently in foster care. Meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been received and approved.