Hi, I'm Sprout. I was adopted on September 14!


Black and White

Baby, Male

Sprout and his brother Scout (also on web) are soft and fluffy 2-month-old black and white kittens that love to play and cuddle with each other. They were raised in foster care after being found as tiny abandoned kittens by a concerned citizen. Sprout is the smaller of the two kittens, and he is also a bit more confident. He’s a very sweet and quiet kitten that loves to be near people, and he is fine being picked up gently. Once Sprout gets to know you, he will follow you around the house and he will sit and watch everything you do. He has excellent litter box habits and he will play with any toy he can get his paws on! Sprout will do best with a quiet and patient adopter that will take some time to form a bond of trust. He has not been exposed to dogs or children. He would love to be adopted with his brother Scout. Sprout and Scout are currently at our Pet Food Express adoption location at the Crossroads in Carmel.  Meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been received and approved.

Sprout has already been adopted!