Hi, I'm Salsa. I was adopted on October 1!


Orange Tabby

Baby, Male

Salsa is sweet and spicy! He’s a 3-month-old orange tabby kitten with soft, medium-long fur. Salsa is a very active, outgoing and affectionate kitten that loves to be held. He dances and prances around your feet to greet you, and he loves to play and explore his surroundings. Salas enjoys several play sessions per day to satisfy his kitten energy, and he especially likes tunnels, cat trees, wand toys and balls. He’ll take a nice nap with his siblings when he’s all tuckered out. Salsa is a very social boy that gets long fine with other gentle dogs and cats. He’ll do fine in a family with kids that are 6 and over. Raised in foster care after coming to AFRP from the Monterey SPCA, Salsa is ready for a home of his own. He’d love to be a part of a family where people are around much of the day. He is currently at our Pet Food Express location in Carmel. To arrange a meet an greet, please fill out an online application.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, preference is given to residents of Monterey County and Santa Cruz County.

Salsa has already been adopted!