Hi, I'm Rexi. Adopt Me!



Senior, Female

Can a blind and deaf cat enjoy a good quality of life? Absolutely! Rexi is a 12-year-old calico that does not let her physical challenges prevent her from finding joy in each new day. Rexi came to AFRP after arriving at the Hitchcock Road Animal Services with medical needs. Besides being blind and deaf, she has kidney disease and requires a special renal diet and subcutaneous fluids twice a week.  This sweet cat had been dealt a rough hand in life, and we accepted her into our program to help make her golden years her best years. She was examined by the veterinary ophthalmologist, and was diagnosed with retinal degeneration due to high blood pressure. She is not in any pain, and she was started on a medication to lower her blood pressure and prevent her eye disease from progressing. Rexi’s foster mom calls her a loving, relaxed and trusting cat that just wants to relax, purr and snuggle. She spends her day napping, exploring, and enjoying petting and cuddles. Blind cats have a remarkable capacity to map out their surroundings. Rexi knows where her food, water and litter box are located. This amazing cat is looking for a safe, calm household where she can love and be loved in return. She will need to continue with her blood pressure medication and prescription renal diet in her new home. Adult household or family with gentle teens preferred. Meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been received and approved.