Hi, I'm Rebel. I was adopted on November 7!

Chihuahua Mix

Black and White

Baby, Male

Ready for some puppy love? Rebel is an adorable 3-month-old black and white Chihuahua mix pup that will likely weigh 10 pounds as an adult. He was born in foster care on July 24, one of four puppies belonging to mama dog Bijou, also on the web. He’s a sweet and loving pup who tends to be a careful thinker – definitely not your typical full-speed-ahead puppy! He loves to play but likes to check everything out first. Rebel was the first of the puppies to venture out of the puppy pile, and he has a mind of his own. When the others go right, Rebel goes left! He’s a bright and curious pup that will enjoy an adopter with time to teach him something new every day. Due to Rebel’s small, fragile size, adult household or family with kids over age 12 preferred. Rebel is currently in foster care. To arrange a meet and greet, please fill out an online application.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, preference is given to residents of Monterey County and Santa Cruz County.

Rebel has already been adopted!