Hi, I'm Ray. Adopt Me!



Adult, Male

This handsome 4-year-old tuxedo cat will truly bring a ray of sunshine into your life! He’s an exceptionally affectionate, friendly and easygoing gentleman who greets you with meows and head-bumps. Ray is happy to meet visitors at your home, and he loves to sleep with you at night, sometimes under the covers! Ray was adopted from AFRP as a kitten, and he returned to our care when a new puppy and a new baby in his household created to much stress in his life, causing some urinary issues. Currently in foster care, Ray is on a prescription diet to prevent urinary crystals, and he is encouraged to drink more water during the day by adding liquid to his wet food. He is a big, long cat (14 pounds) and he requires an extra-large litter box to feel comfortable. While Ray does get along with other mellow and well-mannered cats and dogs, his ideal home would be a quiet, adult household as a single cat. He would love to have a screened-in patio or catio for fresh air and sunshine in a safe environment. Ray is currently in foster care and meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been received and approved.