Hi, I'm Peekaboo. I was adopted on August 14!



Baby, Female

If you enjoy playing hide-and-seek, Peekaboo is your girl! This 2-month-old black kitten loves to romp around the house and peek at you from behind corners. She is very friendly, talkative and loves to follow you around in hopes of some lap time. Peekaboo was raised in foster care after coming to AFRP as a single orphan from the Hitchcock Road Animal Services. She gets along great with the two large dog and the two adult cats in her foster home, and she would be an easy addition to a multi-pet household. Peekaboo has excellent litter box manners and she is friendly and cuddly with everyone she meets. She’ll be a great match for an adopter with plenty of kitten toys and lots of time to spend interacting with her. Peekaboo is currently in foster care and meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been approved.

Peekaboo has already been adopted!