Hi, I'm Nyla. I was adopted on August 11!

Terrier/Chihuahua Mix

Black and Tan

Baby, Female

Nyla is a sweet and fun-loving 2-month-old, 3-pound Terrier/Chihuahua mix puppy that was raised in foster care with her mother Nellie and her siblings. Nyla has adorable floppy ears and a scruffy coat. She loves giving kisses and romping with her puppy friends.  Nyla is a happy, playful pup that loves her chew toys and cuddling on laps. Due to her small size, she will do best in an adult home or a family with gentle kids over age 10. We expect Nyla to weigh about 8 – 10 pounds as an adult dog. Puppies are a big responsibility and Nyla is looking for an adopter with the time and commitment necessary for raising and training a well behaved doggy citizen. She is currently in foster care and meet and greets can be arranged once your online application is approved.

Nyla has already been adopted!