Hi, I'm Norbert. Adopt Me!

Baby, Male

Norbert is a 1-year-old terrier mix that arrived at the Hitchcock Road Animals Services in a state of severe neglect. He was unable to walk on his badly swollen right hind leg, and he was also lame in his right front leg. Covered in fleas, dirt and matted fur, it was obvious that it had been some time since anyone cared for this sweet little dog. Norbert had x-rays done at the vet hospital, and he was sedated so that several badly infected puncture wounds could be drained and treated. He is currently on pain medication and is recovering in the comfort of his loving foster home. Soon he will undergo another x-ray evaluation to determine whether he might need orthopedic surgery to correct some issues with his front legs. Despite experiencing some bumps in the road of life, Norbert is an upbeat little guy with lots of love to share. Your donations will help Norbert get the second chance he deserves. Thank you!