Hi, I'm Marley and Jonah. I was adopted on December 15!


Orange Tabby

Baby, Male

Looking for a bonded pair? Jonah (male on left) and Marley (female on right) are a beautiful brother-sister team that would loves to join your family! Raised together in foster care since they were only 4 weeks, old, Jonah and Marley are now robust 4-month-old kittens that have sweet personalities and grateful purrs that will melt your heart! Jonah is the more outgoing of the two, and he comes with a healthy dose of curiosity that can get him into mischief! Marley is as sweet as can be, and can be cautious in new situations and with new people. She will do best with an adopter that can give her time to adjust. This sweet pair is currently in foster care, two for $200 adoption fee! To arrange a meet and greet, please fill out an online application.
Please note: Due to COVID-19, preference is given to residents of Monterey County and Santa Cruz County.

Marley and Jonah has already been adopted!