Hi, I'm Mandy. I was adopted on April 15!


Grey and White

Adult, Female

Mandy is a petite 6-year-old spayed female grey tabby with a silky-soft coat. Her owner recently passed away and she is looking for a new home where she can be an only cat in the household or live with a another adult cat that does not expect to play or interact.  She’s a very quiet and well mannered cat that likes to sleep on her heated bed, and she happily uses her scratching pad instead of the furniture. She has her playful moments and likes her fishing pole toy and sparkly balls. She’s a very sweet cat that likes petting on her own terms, and though she is not really a lap cat, she likes to be near you. She is not clingy or needy and can entertain herself. Mandy is a good groomer, but due to her long coat she benefits from weekly brushing to prevent mats and tangles. Her litter box habits are impeccable. She prefers good quality wet food twice a day, and she has good eating habits. She is a strictly indoor-only cat, but might be able to learn how to walk on a harness and leash. Mandy is currently at our Pet Food Express adoption location at the Crossroads in Carmel. Meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been received and approved.

Mandy has already been adopted!