Hi, I'm Maddie. I was adopted on June 25!


Black and White

Baby, Female

Maddie is a 12-week-old McNab puppies that is currently in foster care after coming to AFRP from BONES Pet Rescue in Covelo, CA. She is a smart, playful and happy pup who is busy learning new skills and manners in foster care. She will likely weigh 40 – 60 pounds as an adult. Maddie is crate trained, house trained and walks nicely on the leash. She enjoys going for rides in the car. Maddie is an affectionate pup that loves to be by your side and lay her head on your lap. She is living with two cats and another dog in her foster home. McNabs are becoming increasingly popular as sport dogs, and they excel at agility, dock diving, flyball and disc dog competitions. They are also good service dogs and search and rescue dogs. A McNab is not a dog for everybody. They require consistent training, mental stimulation and serious physical exercise every day. They are not happy as apartment dogs. These puppies are looking for experienced, active adopters that can enrich their lives with lots of interesting physical and mental activities every day. Pre-registration for puppy obedience classes is a requirement for adoption. Adult adopters or families with kids over age 7 preferred. Meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been received and approved.

Maddie has already been adopted!