Hi, I'm Loki. I was adopted on October 16!


Grey and White

Baby, Male

True to his name, Loki is full of mischief! He’s a playful and social 2-month-old grey and white kitten that will follow you around from room to room like a little dog. He is a little Houdini that can squeeze through tiny openings and climb just about anything – he’s a high-energy thrill seeker! Once he’s had enough play time, Loki is incredibly affectionate and he’ll lick your nose and touch your face with the pads of his paws when it’s cuddle time.  Loki will play with anything that moves, whether it’s a traditional kitten toy, a wad of paper or a ping pong ball. Play time comes first, and everything else comes in second! Loki is friendly with strangers and he’s very confident and social with everyone he meets. He’ll be a wonderful addition to a household with older kids and other pet-friendly cats or dogs. Loki was rescued from the streets as a six-week-old, and he was raised in foster care. To arrange a meet and greet, please fill out an online application.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, preference is given to residents of Monterey Count and Santa Cruz County.

Loki has already been adopted!