Hi, I'm Juliette. I was adopted on May 25!


Young, Female

Meet Juliette, a snow-white 1-year-old beauty with stunning golden eyes. Like many white cats, Juliette is deaf. She can live a normal, happy life with cat guardians that take a few measures to ensure her happiness and safety. Deaf cats need to be indoor-only pets. They rely on their senses of sight and touch, and they often meow more often and more loudly than other cats. Read more about deaf cats here. Juliette feels a bit insecure around other animals, and will be happiest as a single pet in the home. To learn more or arrange a meeting, please fill out an online adoption application. In order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we are currently adopting only to residents of Monterey County, CA.

Juliette has already been adopted!