Hi, I'm Jerry. I was adopted on October 20!



Baby, Male

Jerry is a friendly and affectionate 2-month-old tuxedo kitten that was raised in foster care after coming to AFRP from the Hitchcock Road Animal Services with his siblings. Dubbed “The Vocal Quintet,” these vocal kittens love to talk to you and have you talk right back to them! Jerry is a laid-back kitten, full of talent! This zany love bug is always looking for a new adventure. He will help you type on your computer and supervise your Zoom meetings! Jerry has perfect litter box manners and he gets along nicely with other cats and kittens. He has not had any experience with dogs or kids, but would probably adjust with proper introductions. All the kittens in this litter are super active and love to play with toys, balls and wands. They wrestle, chase each other, climb cat trees and run Olympic trials down the hallways! They love each other dearly and they would love to be adopted in pairs. Jerry is currently in foster care. Meet and greets can be arranged after your online cat application has been received and approved.

Jerry has already been adopted!