Hi, I'm Graybee. Adopt Me!

Russian Blue Mix


Adult, Male

Quite possibly the sweetest cat ever, Graybee is a 12-year-old Russian Blue that will jump on your lap for petting and purring the moment you sit down! He’s an easygoing gentleman that loves to spend his day napping, cuddling, playing with squeaky mice and watching the view from the window. Graybee was adopted from AFRP as a kitten, and he returned to our care due to some allergies in the household. He has perfect manners in the house, and he enjoys meeting new people.

Graybee is overall a healthy cat, but he does have a condition called Chronic Feline Rhinitis. This is likely due to a non-fatal virus he acquired as a kitten. This condition causes Graybee to experience nasal congestion, nasal discharge and sneezing. He currently takes daily nose drops and an antibiotic pill every three days. Graybee’s adopter will need to work closely with their vet throughout the year to monitor his health and adjust his course of treatment as needed. Since his condition is viral in nature, he could be contagious to other cats, and he should be a single cat in the household. Meet and greets can be arranged once an application is approved.