Hi, I'm Coleman. I was adopted on November 3!

Small Mixed Breed

Black and White

Baby, Male

Love puppy kisses? Coleman is the kissing bandit! This super-affectionate 4-month-old, 6-pound puppy was raised in foster care after being found wandering alone in a park. He’s a bubbly and bouncy little guy that loves to cuddle up with his favorite person and his favorite security pillow. He also has a special heartbeat stuffed toy that he sleeps with at night. This industrious boy has learned to take his favorite bed or blanket with him from room to room, so he’ll always have a comfortable place to be! He has also learned sit and down, and he’s working on shaking hands and house training skills. He is a very vocal pup that has a lot to say and is not shy about chatting with you when he gets excited! He is polydactyl with extra toes on his front paws, making him extra cute and a bit clumsy at the same time. He needs a ramp to help him get up and down stairs. Cole is blind in his right eye but you would never know. He is an energetic guy that does not let that slow him down one bit. He also has some sleep apnea that the vet believes he will outgrow. None of these things prevent him from being the most precious pup around! He enjoys the company of other dogs, and greets every person like a long-lost friend. Cole is looking for a special adopter that will love him for the fabulous little dog he is and can continue his training. Meet and greets can be arranged once your online application has been approved.

Coleman has already been adopted!