Hi, I'm Charly. Adopt Me!

Longhaired Chihuahua


Adult, Female

Charly is a 1-year-old Longhaired Chihuahua mix that was part of a group of dogs that came to AFRP from the Bakersfield Animal Care Center after being rescued from a hoarding situation. Charly is the mother of Willy, the puppy that needed to have his malformed leg amputated. Charly has some physical challenges too, with Grade 4 and Grade 3 Luxating Patellas (dislocated knee joints) in her hind legs. A grade four is the worst, and is permanently out of place. Charly will need orthopedic surgery on the grade 4 knee, and possibly on the other knee too. This will help prevent painful joint complications from arising in the future. Please consider making a small donation to help give this little dog the second chance at a happy life she deserves. Thank you!