Hi, I'm Buddy and Buffy. I was adopted on April 16!


Orange Tabby

Adult, Male

Beautiful bonded pair looking for love! Buddy (longhaired male orange tabby) and Buffy (longhaired buff/white female) are 2-year-old siblings that are looking for a home together. Adopted from AFRP as tiny kittens that were bottle-fed in foster care, Buddy and Buffy recently returned to our program due to allergies in the household. They are very sweet, friendly and well-behaved cats that enjoy being petted and brushed. They have perfect litter box manners and they do everything together – play, sleep, groom! Buffy is especially chatty. The cats do well with gentle children over age 6, and they have not had any experience living with dogs or other cats. Longhaired cats need daily brushing to keep their coats free of mats and tangles. Buddy and Buffy are currently in foster care. Meet and greets can be arranged once an application is approved.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, preference is given to residents of Monterey County and Santa Cruz County.

Buddy and Buffy has already been adopted!