Hi, I'm Barney. I was adopted on November 27!


Brown Tabby

Adult, Male

Barney is a big, lovable 1-year-old brown tabby that does not let his health challenges slow him down or dim his bright outlook on life! This adorable cross-eyed boy came to AFRP from the Hitchcock Road Animal Services. He likely had an untreated upper respiratory infection when he was a small kitten, and unfortunately the infection damaged his nasal structure and impaired his sinuses. Barney’s energy comes in short bursts as he loves to leap for feather wands and chase the laser light. Due to his stuffy sinuses, he often needs to take time to catch his breath between play sessions. Barney is an exceptionally easygoing and friendly boy that is likely to give you a “high five” as a greeting. Though not a lap cat, he enjoys being by your side but is not overly needy and can entertain himself. He gets along nicely with other cats and with gentle dogs.

Currently, Barney requires medications twice a day along with a daily nebulizer treatment. His foster mom says he is the easiest cat in the world to handle and to pill. He does not hold a grudge at all and accepts his daily medication routine as a normal occurrence. Considering all he has been through in his short life, Barney is an amazingly tolerant and upbeat cat. He will have lifelong upper respiratory complications but this will not prevent him from enjoying a long and happy life with an adopter that can work with their vet to keep Barney feeling his best. If you are interested in giving this sweet cat the forever home he deserves, please fill out an online application.

Barney has already been adopted!