AFRP Medical Fund

Animal Friends Rescue Project fills a niche in our community by rescuing animals that would otherwise be euthanized. The animals that need our help the most are those animals that will never make it to the adoption floor because of major or minor medical needs. Our municipal animal shelters do not have the funding or resources available to help these dogs and cats, and that’s where AFRP steps in.

The animals featured on this page were scheduled to be put down because they were injured strays that could not be put up for adoption at local shelters. AFRP transfers these at-risk animals to our AFRP Vet Clinic, where they get the compassionate and skilled care they need to recover and go on to find loving, lifelong homes. When necessary, we contract with board certified specialists to provide services. Your support makes these lifesaving rescues possible!

  • Examples of Major Medical Procedures and their Associated Costs to AFRP:

FHO surgery (for hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, fracture): $1,200 - $2,000

Parvovirus treatment: $1,000 - $2,000

Amputation: $800 - $1,500

Pinning or plating of broken bones:  $1,800- $3,500

Enucleation (eye removal surgery): $800 - $1,200

Dental/Extractions: $500 - $1,200

Please help by making a donation to our general medical fund or donate towards the care of your favorite animal in need below. Your gift will save lives. Thank you!

AFRP Medical Pets


Sadie & Little Bear

Breed: Chihuahua Mixes
Age: 12 Years
Gender: Female and Male

Sadie and Little Bear are a precious 12-year-old bonded pair that were originally adopted from AFRP, and recently returned to our care when their beloved guardian passed away. Like many older dogs, Sadie and Little Bear have some health challenges. Sadie has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and she is on three different medications twice a day. Little Bear has a significant heart murmur and he is on one medication twice a day. These wonderful little dogs are currently in foster care while they are waiting for their special adopter. Your donation toward their special cardiac care and medications is much appreciated. Thank you!

Sadie and Little Bear's Donors

The Mary Liskin Memorial Medical Fund
Cynthia Patino in loving memory of Bear Patino
Sharon and Paul LeSage






Breed: Terrier Mix
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Carisa is a sweet and gentle 1-year-old Terrier mix that was hit by a car when running loose in Salinas. A Good Samaritan saw the accident, and took Carisa to the Hitchcock Road Animal Services. Without the resources to treat a dog with expensive medical needs, the shelter contacted AFRP for help, and Carisa was immediately transferred to a foster home. This resilient little dog survived her encounter with a car, but she suffered a fractured hip and she underwent FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery to give her the opportunity to regain function in her hind leg and live a happy, pain-free life. She'll be available for adoption soon. Thank you for donating to help Carisa get her wag back!

Carisa's Donors

Mary Liskin Memorial Medical Fund
Rayne Coleman
Karen Filice
Kathie Ortega Stafford
Patsy Volpe
Marjorie Tichenor
Janis Fitzhugh
Marie Alviedo
Bonnie Tucker
Marjorie Bullock
Karen Tosh
Lucy E.H. Hook-Willman
Anonymous Donor
Corinne Colen




Breed: Shepherd Mix
Age: 1 Year
Gender: Female

Jackie is a sweet 1-year-old Shepherd mix that originally came to AFRP from the Monterey County Animal Services as a small puppy with two siblings. Jackie did not grow and thrive like her siblings, and she was diagnosed with a heart defect called valvular pulmonic stenosis. The recommendation from the specialist was to wait until she was older and strong enough to undergo corrective surgery, called balloon valvularplasty. Jackie underwent surgery on Thursday, January 22, and she has made a wonderful recovery in foster care.  Thank you for helping  us give this pup a chance at a long and happy life.

Jackie's Donors

Mary Liskin Memorial Medical Fund
Cheryl Beck




Breed: DSH
Age: Senior
Gender: Female

Puff is a lovely 12-year-old buff tabby with sea-green eyes. She was adopted from AFRP as a kitten, and recently came back to our care due to a divorce. Like many older cats, Puff has renal failure and to keep her kidneys happy, she's on a special diet and requires sub-q fluids several times a week. Puff is currently seeking an adopter or a long term foster home that can care for her medical needs as she ages. Your donation to Puff's medical care will help pay for regular blood work, prescription food and subcutaneous fluid supplies.

Puff's Donors

Clara Wang
Cheryl Beck



Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Corky , an adorable Chihuahua/Terrier mix, had a very unpleasant encounter with a car when running as a stray in Salinas. He arrived at the Salinas Shelter in a lot of pain. Poor little guy had multiple abrasions, a broken elbow on his front leg, and a pelvis that was broken in two places. He was unable to bear any weight on his hind legs. Happily, AFRP was able to take Corky and get him the veterinary care he so desperately needed. He underwent orthopedic surgery at VCA All Pets Veterinary Hospital on July 13. His broken elbow and his pelvis were repaired with plates and screws, and has made a great recovery. Corky will be available for adoption shortly. Thank you for helping AFRP come to the aid of the injured pets in our community by donating towards their medical expenses.

Corky's Donors

Rae Darabont
Patsy Volpe