Monterey County SpayPal Cat Voucher Application

Low-cost vouchers are available for qualified owners of cats living in Monterey County, CA.

Apply by downloading and mailing an application to AFRP, PO Box 51083, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

Vouchers are good only for the cost of the surgery. Male cat/neuter vouchers are $40 and female cat/spay vouchers are $80. AFRP will send qualified cat owners a voucher as well as a list of participating vets.

Vouchers are good only for the cost of the surgery, owners are responsible for any and all additional costs.

Vouchers are only accepted at participating veterinarians. You will need to bring proof of vaccinations on the day of surgery or you will need to pay for them on the day of surgery.

Charges for any and all additional services such as vaccines, pain medications, e-collars, and exam fees will be at your expense. We suggest calling ahead to find out what additional costs might be.

Vouchers are good for 90 days AFRP will cover additional charges for cats which are pregnant, in-heat or have a retained testicle at time of surgery.

Thank you for spaying and neutering your pets!

FVRCP and rabies vaccines are required by the veterinarians offices prior to or will be needed on the day of surgery.

When contacting the vet office please ask about any additional charges that you may be responsible for.

The vouchers are good only for the spay/neuter surgery costs. Any other charges for exams, pain medidogion, e-collars, vaccinations or other services provided are your responsibility at the time the services are provided.