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Breed: DSH Grey Tabby
Age: Young
Weight: 4 Pounds
Gender: Female

Marliya, a sweet 3-month-old kitten with a congenital deformity, underwent a special procedure that will allow her to live a long, healthy life. Marliya is one of four kittens that were raised in foster care after coming to AFRP from the Salinas Shelter in November. It did not take long for her foster mom to notice that there was something different about Marliya. She was not growing at the same pace as her siblings, and she would tire easily when playing.

A visit to the vet resulted in a bleak prognosis. Pectus excavatum is a congenital defect which occurs when the sternum and ribs grow in an unnatural way, limiting the amount of space available in the chest for the heart and lungs. As the kitten grows, the heart and lungs are unable to function effectively, and without treatment, most cats with this condition die before their first birthday.

The only option for Marliya was a life-saving procedure which involved surgically anchoring a splint to her sternum, which will apply gentle traction to her chest and over time, correct the deformity. If all goes well, the splint will be removed after six weeks, and her heart and lungs will have all the space they need to function properly. Marliya underwent surgery with Dr. Dearmin at Monterey Pet Specialists on Thursday, January 23. He has successfully treated this condition before, and we are grateful that he worked his special magic on Marliya. Please send your positive thoughts to this precious kitten as she begins her journey of healing.