Courtesy Listings - Cats

The cats posted on this page are not part of AFRP’s adoption program. They are included on our website as a courtesy to individuals looking for homes for their cats. We give priority to animals looking for homes in Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County. All cats and kittens must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for a courtesy post. Learn more about submitting a courtesy listing for a pet in need of a home.


AFRP has not met, evaluated or interacted with these animals and cannot make any guarantees about their health or temperament. To learn more or arrange a meeting with these pets, please use the contact information listed for each animal. Do not contact AFRP or fill out an AFRP Adoption Application for these animals. Adoption process and rehoming fee is at the discretion of the pet’s guardian.


Breed: Persian
Age: 9 months
Gender: male

Posted 5.16.23 Teddy is a 9 month old brown tabby Persian more or less saved from a backyard breeder and lovingly raised in our home. He is neutered, and the most affectionate kitty I have ever had. We are devoted to making sure he finds the best home and have spent a lot of resources making sure he’s never left alone and he has had all his vet care. He’s in excellent health. We live on the Monterey Peninsula. He needs a strictly indoor only home preferably without young children who may let him outside or other pets. He needs to be spoiled and his eyes need daily cleaning and care. We are able to cat sit and stay in close help if needed with a Persian. 

Contact: Jill



Breed: orange tabby
Age: 5 years
Gender: male

Posted 4.25.23 Benito is a lovely gentle boy who we think was dumped in our neighborhood. He lets us pet him, purrs, and runs a biscuit making factory. When CA was going through the terrible storms, we would see him stand out in the open while it poured despite our efforts to make him a little house. This poor sweet boy is not meant for a life outdoors. We brought him to the vet for a wellness exam, neutering, and vaccinations. He is 5 years old and tested positive for FIV. Normally we take the cats we find to the SPCA after we successfully socialize them, but they have a history of euthanizing kitties who have FIV. 😔 AFRP and myself wholeheartedly believe that FIV+ cats deserve a life filled with love indoors and euthanasia on the sole basis of their FIV status is wrong. He can live with other FIV- or FIV+ cats as the risk of spreading it is very low; it only spreads through deep bite wounds and he is a certified lover NOT a fighter. I cannot keep him in my home permanently but I will hold onto him until he finds a home where he is spoiled beyond belief. Don’t worry he’ll keep the biscuit business running to contribute his fair share of rent as long as you provide the snuggles and treats. Please contact me, Alyssa, if you’re interested in adopting this handsome boy. Email or text 831-905-2591. 


Daphne & Velma

Breed: tortoise & buff
Age: 19 months
Gender: female

Posted 4.11.23 Daphne and Velma are sweet, playful, and affectionate sisters who love belly rubs, being brushed, and treats.  They each have their own distinct personalities: Daphne is more outgoing and curious while Velma is more shy and cautious (but just as loving with her people, if not even more than Daphne). Both loved being indoor / outdoor kitties until their owner's living situation changed.  They are great with small children (especially Daphne, who is very tolerant of small hands - Velma mostly hides).  They do not like dogs, and would do best in an indoor / outdoor environment where they can roam, catch lizards, and bask in the sun during the day.  They are in excellent health, spayed, and fully vaccinated, and have been well cared for and treated by vets since they were born.  Please contact Jill (202)258-0994 or for further information. 



Breed: gray & white
Age: 10 months
Gender: male

Posted 4.3.23 I'm a sweet young dude. I won't call you "Bro" on the day we meet, but I might give you a fist bump and a cuddle after I get to know you. My foster mom calls me "very loving and cuddly" which of course makes me cringe. I mean, MOMs, so embarrassing, you get me?

Like any young male cat, I'm looking for a female companion cat in my new sitch. Someone playful and possible cuddle worthy, like my current kitty companion. We like to chase each other around, bouncing all over the bed, floor and occasionally off our foster mom. I sleep where I like, often on the bed at night.

Like most teenagers, I'm a little wary of meeting new people. If I had some air pods and a phone, I'd likely pop them in when you visit just so I could appear to ignore you. Given the option, I'd avoid newcomers altogether, but hey, sometimes they bring treats and head rubs. If you are appropriately chill when you come to visit, I might check you out. Maybe we can play a little wand action while you're here.

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Breed: tan & white
Age: 10 months
Gender: female

Posted 4.3.23  I'm Lily, just a gorgeous young kitten living her best life! Life's been kind of a bummer, as I just had major dental surgery. It was toats drama, but my meowth needed a makeover!

Luckily, my fave paparazzi caught me posing for some gorgeous selfies! Be sure to check out my other profile pictures and get ready to be stunned. #naturalbeauty #wokeuplikethis #nofilters

What's the story, you ask? Not gonna lie, I came to SVPP with serious dental issues where the best course of treatment was *literally* a whole mouth extraction. I know, it's a lot. After I heal, I will be feeling so much better and looking for true love. If you're feeling my vibe and want to swipe right, just fill out an application. FYI - my bestie adoption counselor is screening my calls.

My perfect match: You're ready to love me and admire my good looks, but I need feline companionship as well. I love hanging with a friendly male cat. Any potential adopter would need to understand that this girl also needs her space. I'm not crazy about being held but can be super snuggl-icious when I want and will crawl on your lap when I'm ready to go. Also, I prefer wet food or tiny dry kibble because of my meowth, but I don't require a special diet.

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Breed: tabby white
Age: 2 years
Gender: female

Posted 4.3.23. The street is no place for a good looking, good natured young kitty like Hemsworth! This young man is a red-carpet-ready and deserves to star as a good-natured super-hero or a curious archeologist in his own adventure story.

Hemsworth was turned in to the shelter as a stray, a little beaten up from living on the streets. Having settled into his foster home, he's proven to be an intrepid explorer, jumping over barriers and eagerly exploring his new pad. We're working on sewing him a small cape to fulfill his flying super-hero destiny!

He is un-phased by our foster's resident cat – like most leading men, he plays it cool and doesn’t seem very interested in interacting with other cats apart from an occasional double-kiss on the cheek in greeting (it's very European). And like most adventurers, he's good with an occasional cat chase (no stunt double required).

Like the A-list celebrity he is, Hemsworth appreciates humans who can respect his space. Much like his namesake, you can't simply rush up to him like an avid fan and try to pet him. Hemsworth also doesn't mind being picked up! He's open to lap cuddles too as long as he’s getting head pets at the same time.

In case it's been a while since you've had a young man in the family, remember they love food. Open the frig and get ready to stock the cupboards, our boy Hemsworth likes to eat! He comes running at the sound of food, paws at the door where the food is stored, and always seems hungry for more food. #boysgottoeat

To burn off all of those calories, Hemsworth eagerly chases around string toys or anything attached to the end of a string. He loves to play with and chew on crinkly toys as well. Hemsworth will never say no to a good kitty kicking toy session. To see more of our adoptable cats/dogs please visit our website at


Breed: orange tabby
Age: 12
Gender: male

Buddy is a handsome 12 year old orange and white fluffy boy looking for a temporary foster until April 10th.
Born and raised in Monterey in the same home with his two siblings, he’s lived all his life with the same loving person, who sadly passed away recently. Buddy's siblings have found a foster home where he can join them, but only after his treatment for a hyperthyroid issue. Buddy is friendly and talkative and generally quick to warm up to new people. He has not lived with dogs or children and has been an indoor/outdoor cat. He tested negative for FELV/FIV, is current on his vaccinations and has been microchipped. He has been well taken care of his entire life and misses having his person around.
Please contact Juliana Coniglio-Morgan if you are interested in giving Buddy a loving temporary home: 415-302-5961.



Breed: Orange Tabby
Age: 10 Years
Gender: Male

Posted 8-10-22. Cheese is a 10 year old indoor/outdoor cat. Loves to catch mice. Just wants to be loved and smothered with attention.  Very easy to take care of. He likes to spend a lot of time outside, soaking in the sun and catching mice. Really sweet cat. He talks to you & lets you know when he’s hungry, when he needs some love, when he wants to go outside, and then come back inside. Cheese is not an AFRP cat. Please contact Julie Allen for more information 831-595-4846


Breed: DSH Black
Age: 12 Years
Gender: Male

Posted 3-1-22. Gigi is a 12-year-old black cat that has been neutered and microchipped. He and his kitty companion Kona, also listed, are looking for a home because their guardian has medical problems that are making it difficult for her to care for the cats. Gigi is an indoor-only cat that is very friendly and talkative. He loves to curl on your lap and snuggle on your shoulders. Gigi is a healthy cat and is on a prescription food to promote urinary tract health. The cats currently live in the Scotts Valley area. For more information call Mayumi at 831-706-8839 or email


Breed: DSH Brown Tabby
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Male

Posted 2-23-22. Dave is a sweet two-year-old domestic shorthair who deserves a great home. When Dave was a kitten he loved to hang out with us, play, and lay in his cat tree. Because we are a military family, we have had to move since getting Dave, and will continue to do so every two years. Unfortunately, Dave has developed some anxiety, which worsened after adding a puppy to the family. Despite trying medication from the vet, nothing has helped. If there is anyone at the house other than myself or my son, even my husband, Dave will not come out from under my bed. He was adopted along with his sister, so he does well with other cats, but he deserves a quiet, stable, dog-free home where he can be the sweet cat we know that he is. Please contact me if you think you might be a good fit for Dave. Taylor Laney (210)429-0024